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L2OVC - Fórum

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Fórum » Lineage 2 » Szerverek » L2OVC (Legjobb faction server ami most fog kezdődni)

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L2 Order VS Chaos Grand Opening announced!
The Grand Opening will take place Saturday, Aug 15th 17:00 GMT +3.

The gameplay is based on a routine of events which will run constantly, each event has its own goals.
* Maps - The longest events with biggest kinds of goals to accomplish, maps will end faster if their goal is achieved, a raid boss will spawn 5 minutes before the map ends.
* Faction Events - runs for the winning team of a map (in case a map ended in a tie, this type of event is skipped), if they complete it they get extra rewards.
* Mini Events - Starts once the faction event is over, this is a short type event with only with funny objectives, registration to event is required.
* Grand Bosses - In peak times, there is a chance that a grand boss event will start for all players after a mini event ends.

:: Spoilers act as theifs.
:: Services NPC.
:: Team balancing system.
:: Anti AFK protection.
:: Anti farm protection.
:: Balanced classes and gameplay.
:: Events voting system.
:: Rebirth system.
:: Anti buff skill.
:: Free mailbox.
:: Starting level 80.
:: Max level 85 (Also for subs).
:: Free 3rd class change.
:: Free subclass.
:: /unstuck 30 seconds.
:: 10 seconds spawn protection.
:: No death penalties.
:: Increased weight/inventory slots/store slots.
:: Auto learn skills (excluding divine insipration, symbols and FS skills).
:: Auto loot.
:: Olympiad time left until period ends announce on login.
:: Announcements upon raidbosses/grandbosses death.
:: Trade chat is faction chat.
:: Shout chat is region chat and will show player's faction.
:: Hero chat is global chat and will sow player's faction.
:: Mana potions 5 seconds reuse - 200 MP recovery.
:: Dueling enabled.
:: Armor expertise penalty.
:: Titles system - better titles when making progress ingame.
:: Killing spree system.
:: Clan wars enabled - can declare a war againts clans of enemy faction.
:: All items tradeable except hero items and some other exceptions.
:: Some classes get PvP points by exping (for example: healers).
:: Vitality enabled and changed to fit PvP.
:: Achievements system.
:: Personal vote system.
:: Offline shops enabled and restore after server restarts.
:: Dedicated store zone.

:: AIO scheme buffer NPC with 7 premade schemes on char creation.
:: Retail-like buff slots amount.
:: 4 Hours bufftime.
:: Cubics casted on self stay after death.
:: Buffs kept when dying.
:: Canceled buffs that are given by NPC buffer returns after 7 seconds.
:: Summons keep their buffs upon resummoning.

Enchants & Augment & Elements
:: Retail rates.
:: Safe +3 (+4 for full armor).
:: Max +16.
:: Elementing weapons is limited to 4.
:: Everything can be augmented/elemented/enchanted.

:: Start everyday at 18:00 GMT +2 until 22:00 GMT +2.
:: Fights regardless of player's faction.
:: 5 Players required to start olympaid.
:: 1 Week cycle - 1/4 hero reward.
:: Hero skills are disabled in maps.
:: Hero weapons are wearable only by players with at least rank 40 and there are enough players inside the event.
:: Registration to olympaid is open only for players with at least rank 10.

Voiced commands
:: .info - used during events to show the top players, the score of each team, the goal of the current event and to see own score.
:: .playalone / .playinparty - turn on/off random parties while joining events.
:: .joinparty - auto join a party during a main event.
:: .debug - used to help debugging ingame features, by getting a detailed html about them.

:: 5 Members maximum in main events.
:: Only one healer allowed in a party.
:: Advanced exp / adena sharing system.
:: Brown title color for party members.

:: No clan penalties.
:: 15 Members maximum in main clan.
:: 5 Extra members for every royal guard/royal knight the clan has.
:: 2 Clans maximum in an alliance.
:: Free leveling up to level 2.
:: Levels 3, 4 and 5 requires SP and quest items (buyable from GM shop).
:: Levels 6, 7, 8 and 11 requires reputation points.
:: Levels 9 and 10 requires reputation points and quest items (buyable from GM shop).

For more information visit:
:: Website:
:: Forum:
:: Facebook:

Aon here, top 1 on beta

This server gonna rocks !

Accessible admins !

Come join us at the opening ! It's worth, I promise !

Server is freaking awesome, its a must for any l2 players that want pure pvp, community is the best and gm are realy helpful

Its fun enjoyeable and soon are open come and join us more ppl more fun ! )
Gyertek baszassátok mert biztos nagyon jó lesz egy darabig :D
Fórum » Lineage 2 » Szerverek » L2OVC (Legjobb faction server ami most fog kezdődni)
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